Starting in 2017, the decision was made to capitalize on the vast experience accumulated over the years by using it to establish the client-oriented software development division.

Thus, a whole series of European projects, B2B projects and commercial projects were carried out.

In 2021 COMPEXIN launched the DiveShot Handballstats application, an application that innovates many aspects of data collection during handball matches.


In order to keep up with the trends in this field, we use the latest technology, tested by the industry where it has proven its effectiveness. This model helps us offer our clients secure software that maps to existing flows.


COMPEXIN was founded in 1993 by engineer Cristian Iancu and sub-engineer Dumitru Diaconu. Today the company’s main field of activity is the development of software and automation solutions.

The application that innovates the way handball match data is collected, visualized, analyzed and translated into the match strategy.

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Nowadays, a web application is something you use every day, whether for entertainment or business purposes. It is safe, fast and accessible from any device. Their purpose is to simplify everyday activities as much as possible.

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The implementation of automation technologies, techniques and processes improves the efficiency, reliability and/or speed of many tasks that were previously performed by humans.



We believe that only by analyzing the problems in depth and observing them from new angles can we determine their optimal solution.


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